How to talk about UG.

In conversation yesterday with a friend about UG he pointed out the difficulties of talking about UG. The language of shared ideas is not related to how UG was functioning. UG emphasized the physical and physiological over logic, ideas or emotions. He once replied to me that emotions and ideas are exactly the same. So the devotional and the intellectual approach are out. Then what? He would say, “Nothing.” Yet, UG gently hinted at things specific to the place and the person. “It’s out of my hands, and it’s out of your hands.” he would say to my friend when confronted with the fact that this guy was feeling all sorts of strange sensations that were physical reality for him.  “You will be in trouble if you hang around here.”

Its natural to say, “What did he mean by that?” I can only say I have no idea but the question will take it’s own time to fall apart. I am still asking it which is fine with me.

UG used to ask me a question I could not answer. “What do you want?” Then he would go on to say, “If you want one thing only, you will get it. But you want ten different things. All this and heaven too, just forget about it.”

Is that one pointed focus?


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  1. i was in N.A, many years ago, for a few years, and i got a sponsor, and we would meet and talk, ect…and in the end he asked, nic, what do you want?, and i said, i didn’t want anything, at which point he walked away, and i never saw him again!

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