October 1 2011

I had another long conversation with a close friend yesterday who was also an admirer of UG and spent years with him. We were discussing the impact UG had on us and our various responses to it. He was a scientist, so his initial idea was to somehow test the affect of UG on body chemistry since he felt the effects of UG in his body. Very quickly he realized that there was no way to measure these things. For one thing, UG would never cooperate with a science experiment. He instinctively knew the shortcomings of that.
There is always this impulse to say. “Look what I found!” and share it with people. UG would point out that this is exactly what society tells us to do, go out and prove how we are right, and have the best stuff, and win a big audience. He never, ever carried on this way. Witness the slender numbers of people around him despite his being so ‘accomplished’ if you can describe something so remarkable that way. No, UG allowed how he was to affect those around him, rather than operating from the measuring stick of society.
The other issue we talked about was the difficulty of describing something that is operating at a biological level, with a language that only addresses the conceptual. Anything we can say here will be conceptual. He was always emphasizing that what happened to him was “Physical, physiological” and not religious or spiritual. The words spiritual and religious have so much baggage attached to them that its impossible to use them to address what was going on with UG. What was going on around UG was something physical. A painter once said, “Aesthetics is to the artist as oronithology is to the birds.”

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2 Responses to October 1 2011

  1. Branko says:

    U.G. definitely exposes our vanity and narcissism. Our deep (infantile) need to be seen as special and having goodies. This was his greatest gift to me… Although you feel like shit for a long time:)
    I think being with him, depending on the person would have been an intense sadhana. He was often pushing on peoples corns (psychological material) that they were fixated on. Our deepest shit being exposed and let go of is “sadhana” Pushed into life with no reference point or separation – blah, blah, blah 🙂

    The whole spiritual market place is alive with the idea of “nothing to do” “no sadhana” etc.
    Yet people stay stuck and further up shit creek following these teachers.
    This doesn’t seem to be the case with u.g. because there is a hidden “unwinding” taking place.
    A thinning out and unwinding that you may not notice.
    I think he is kind of secretive too.

    Please tell us more Louis….

    Thanks for the story about Anandamayi 🙂
    Thanks to U.G. for mentioning her
    as The Real Deal 🙂

  2. louisbrawley says:

    Hi Branko,
    Yes, I think one of the great beauties of UG, and there were many, was that he insisted that we figure these things out on our own. At the same time, as long as he was there he kept our noses to the grindstone, making sure no one got a big head about things, especially having ‘discovered’ him. He was so clean and made a point of never, ever taking credit for anything that I think people failed to realize the import of what he was saying. The comments that were repeated ad nauseum and seemed absurd after while are the ones that run deepest now. His money maxims and the ten commandments are so subtle in the sense they really point to how this socialized mind already works. He once said, “Inaction is action; that is your Gita.” and yet never once condoned someone sitting in a cave. He pointed out that meditation was masturbation, yet held us on point with painful force as long as we could stand it, then a little longer.

    Who knows where it all leads. I think a healthy interest will take us places we never imagined. It certainly was the case with me. One thing I know, absolutely no conclusion will stand about any of this.


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