That last post title was awful!

“How to talk about UG.”  There should have been a question mark at the end of that sentence. I also want to quote a friend on the subject since he addresses what I meant about things around UG being “physical”. Talking about the order UG seemed have come into, he said this, “This innate order itself is so far beyond our imagination that its exhibition and extension is beyond comprehension.” Which states the case better than I did since it seems that what we take for physical presence is also questionable. People who never met UG in the body seem to be deeply affected by their exposure to the various media wherein we can see him. So how does that work? I have no idea but scientists have already figured out that seemingly unrelated events like a molecule being measured in one place, have a distinct affect on another molecule somewhere far away from it.

Once I was feeling really guilty about something, a holiday trip home that I was refusing I think. I never asked him about personal problems but this I just had to throw out there and see what he would do with it. I called him on the phone and said, “UG, what about guilt?” The tone of my voice alone communicated the situation. “Enjoy your guilt!” he said. That was it. Right away I saw that that was exactly what I was doing, thriving on the guilt. I had to laugh.

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4 Responses to That last post title was awful!

  1. Janet Brown says:

    I don’t think anyone thought you were proposing a tutorial, especially if they actually read it. Talking about UG is something I hardly ever do because it is in writing mostly that the topic comes up. Any time I have tried to tell someone unfamiliar with the topic, it Always seems to come out wrong and I give up rather quickly. Most efforts that I have read that do try to explain remind me of UG’s last days when he was frequently unsuccessful in taking a crap.

    One thing that comes through effortlessly is the humor. If you can’t get a giggle out of the absurdity of UG, of life, well then what’s the point?

    Speaking of points, your question about the one-pointedness reminded me of how unschooled I am on this topic of spiritual quest. When my fingers begin to gravitate to the google button, I can almost hear him growl, “don’t bother”. Is this an advantage? I don’t know.

    About enjoying the guilt, I think I understand. I put it in the context of pain rather than guilt and am reminded of a “dream” I had about 3 years ago. There was a great yearning going on with me at that time, something that caused both pain and joy. I woke with a sense that I had just experienced the painful part in its purist form as if all the other components of it had been stripped away … pain uncut with any of the ingredients we use to quell that feeling. In the dream, there was no thing happening … just the pain as a state of being … but when I woke I got an image that I could use to describe it. The image was of a sharp fan blade revolving and purposely putting my head directly in it. I got up from the bed and walked toward the bathroom, shaking off the hell I just had been in. “Wow”, I’m thinking, “I KNOW what I am doing with this pain!!” The question then formed, “Will I continue to do it?”. The answer was yes; I knew immediately that I was not done with it and it was not done with me and I was perfectly content with that conclusion. At the same time, I knew that eventually that thing would dissolve in time and it did.

    Anyway, I did very much enjoy reading “Goner” and appreciate the story without attempts to manufacture a moral from it.

  2. Janet Brown says:

    I hope that the up and down type of features on this site do not end up making you feel like you are doing homework. I’m not so familiar with blogs.

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