One-two punch with a swift left upper cut.

“You can’t leave anything alone. You always have to translate it in terms of your thinking structure. ”

“Your thinking is nothing but noise. ”

In a recent conversation with a friend the point was raised once again that thoughts are secondary to the functioning of the body. Breathing, heartbeat, organ function is independent of thought. Thinking is a necessity in order to function sanely and intelligently in society, but thought has gradually created a parallel reality which is now in conflict with the body. The effort to ‘understand’ goes to strengthening the thinking machine. This is why it is so easy to sell spiritual ‘goodies’. ย They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. The biological reality of the body runs efficiently independent of thought. I am frightened to allow it to take its course so I seek out and listen to others, hoping for answers that can strengthen the thinking machine.

When UG said that to see anything for once in your life you would drop dead, I suspect he was not fooling. This means the socialized mechanism of thousands of years would have to slow down to a point where it would affect the biological body deeply. Even JK hinted at this, but left the hope in there that it could happen through choiceless awareness or some technique. UG said, unless you renounce your effort, you are stuck forever.

There is already more than enough information in the thinking machine to enable me to survive so what I am now putting in is excess, a diversion.

During his last visit to India, UG was asked a question by a woman who had been coming to see him for years. She could sense this would be his last visit and her tone was that of frustration to the point of tears. “So UG what are we to do?” she asked pleading for some parting wisdom. His reply was chilling…

“Madame, you are running and running all the time.”

That was it. People may think that because UG was so pleasant and jovial at times that he was kidding. They are very much mistaken. He was dead serious every second, which may be why he was so funny. It’s easier to laugh it off than to examine the implications for myself.




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15 Responses to One-two punch with a swift left upper cut.

  1. Janet Brown says:

    Seems kind of synchronous that I am in the autonomic nervous system business. We sometimes call it the “peripheral brain”.

    • louisbrawley says:

      I like that we have only the most peripheral understanding of what we are actually doing ‘consciously’ at any given time. This situation is so obvious when you think how impossible it would be to keep track of all the things the body is doing automatically with great efficiency without the least help from “us”.

      • Janet Brown says:

        I think I’m gonna have to read that a couple more times. Long day and now my downstairs is doing mean things to his car speakers. (I trust my next door neighbors to take care of that one – sorry, over flowing from Dogs Barking for a second)

      • Janet Brown says:

        Are you saying that you think the body could Not work completely autonomic-ly, without SOME direction of though from the brain?
        Having trouble with that second sentence.

      • Janet Brown says:

        That whole automatic (autonomic) system is driven to get blood up to that bag of wires.

      • Janet Brown says:

        And that thing is a freakin’ chemistry set.

    • Janet Brown says:

      Anything could happen, least of all things likely to happen would be “nothing”, I presume.

  2. i was about 16 when i worked out the instrument i had for understanding the world, i.e, thought, was not the instrument that was going to help understand the world, beyond its own limitations. for many years i figured there must be someway round this, and i guess in some ways i still do. so, hearing UG say, with great clarity, there is no way round this, just forgot it! was very freeing. still, on occasion, i find myself getting hold of a thread of something he said, but it don’t take long to realize that there really is no way out! so, maybe i am still running, but at least now i know im not getting anywhere!

    • louisbrawley says:

      one thing UG reminded me in his way was that aside from this instrument there is an entire organism housing the thing which is living in total order. Despite the instrument, life is going on inside and out, continuously without any help from thinking whatsoever. He used to say all the time, “Use your eyes not your head!” when we were driving. Once we had to navigate from northern Italy back to Gstaad in the dead of night. I drove the whole way sort of by instinct. It’s amazing what the body is recording when we are totally wrapped up in thinking. It really can take care of itself.

    • Janet Brown says:


  3. Marco says:

    Reminds me of traveling with UG . When leaving Bangalore airport, UG took off at a rapid pace and left a few of us before the custom gates ,absorbed by the impact of being left there we eagerly pursued and were pulled back by a big security official . There goes UG disappearing around the corner ! we had to get our passport stamped first ;before we can go – so there was this ka fuffel over the passports and being left behind .I always found I had the distinct feeling of being alone around UG ,the feeling is like you could easily get left behind and no one would come back and pick you up , and whoever was with you may not recognize it for a while . When we landed in Frankfurt he said to me “don’t think like a German just act!” and in his room in Gstaad he shouted at me like lightning , to ” Leave it alone!” when I innocently tried to set up his heater . Could it be that by telling us we would drop dead literally it was a device to get us to shut up?

    • louisbrawley says:

      Hi Marco, that was the most interesting thing, the absence of him. i’ve tried to describe it, but i think people who take an interest just end up feeling it more than understanding it. he was so sweet and fragile in some ways, “hanging by a thread`’ as they say. `like watching a celestial spider weave a web out of silver in the moonlight. ops, got poetry? shite, what’s happening to me? must be the english gardens.

  4. “When UG said that to see anything for once in your life you would drop dead, I suspect he was not fooling.” I must admit I’ve always taken that ‘you’ in the figurative sense, meaning that our bodies will never see ‘naturally’ until the ‘I’ that’s always filtering, distorting and interpreting will be gone. Dead. That ‘I’ is all we are in the sense of perceiving ourselves. To lose that would be the same as death.

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