London wandering

I am in London for work. Another art fair, brothel fest, obscene money for cultural baubles. Can’t help picturing UG here in the early “60’s while he was wandering in the parks wondering what happened to his head. The question of his influence or the effect on those here who never met him has come up here. I am convinced that a genuine interest is enough to bring something unknown, (UG), into your life. Of course I wonder myself whether I was too thick headed to learn anything from him, but he had his ways, he didn’t even know what they were, but they affected those around them in ways they couldn’t see most of the time.

His touch was light as a feather. He was like a little cloud of unknowing. I remember his touch when he looked at my palm once, slightly cool, reassuring, almost faint, (unlike when he was tearing at my shirt). His simplest comments will fall the deepest inside and echo there. Not coming to a conclusion about any of this seems best.

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