At the Water Hole

You can’t hide yourself in a cave and meditate forever. At some point your hunger will drive you back to the water hole for a meal and you will have to confront the society you are hiding from. The skills we learn, language, talents inherited, enable us to survive in the social jungle. The needs of any body are simple but the human animal has the capacity to plan ahead for a rainy day. The human animal has invented the idea of security. This is where you want more food clothing and shelter than you need so you plan ahead and drive yourself hard to get it. Other animals know their limit and stay within it, but humans have celebrated the ability to imagine and in doing so have created a parallel reality, a state of dissociation from the natural order of their own bodies. Unless we slow down and start to listen to our own bodies, we are at the mercy of this fantasy world that is making impossible demands on us all the time to be something we are not and will never be, whether it’s UG Krishnamurti, Jesus, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, The Beastie Boys, Beethovan or The Beatles. Being what we are is only possible when we stop trying to be more or less. If it were possible to stop all the conjecture and listen to what is actually going on up there in your head what would happen then? All the real practices are directed to that end. Listen for yourself and see if you even exist apart from all these ideas about what you are supposed to be doing, working, striving toward. Is there any ‘you’ in there at all? So far I find myself constantly justifying my life to some audience that as far as I can tell doesn’t exist. The ego doesn’t even exist, we continue to discuss it, try and fix it, and occupy the brain with this fantasy so the conversation about it goes on and on. People tell you to take it easy but nobody means it. Not one person in your life wants you to stop what you are doing and consider that maybe the whole thing isn’t worth a damn. Not one person in your life will tell you to leave it alone and see what happens. That’s the most frightening notion of all. Just see if you can do that and watch how fast you give up and busy yourself with some bullshit they tell you you better get busy with or, … or what ? Its very simple. I used to think UG was kidding, but he was dead serious. We love our misery and if the diet were to be changed we would die of starvation. So what about a hunger strike? Not for the body, which can use the water hole for a snack when needed, but for the monster fantasy that thinks its in charge…

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5 Responses to At the Water Hole

  1. Archana says:

    good one, I totally grok that about the damn audience. I am putting on a puppet show and hoping to get some respect at last….and there is always a damn new goal I need to work towards….

  2. Andres says:

    As U.G. says; “To be an individual and to be yourself you don’t have to do a thing. Culture demands that you should be something other than what you are. What a tremendous amount of energy — the will, the effort — we waste trying to become that! If that energy is released, what is it that we can’t do? How simple it would be for every one of us to live in this world! It is so simple.”

    But again…. How to make yourself a living in this world without using that “self, ego, thought” or what we want to call it?!

    Thanks for a good post!

  3. Janet Brown says:

    How long has it been since you felt you were “meditating in a cave” ?

  4. Emma Leeming says:

    Thanks Louis. You have articulated the angst that I often feel. I look around and think, what is everyone doing? What is so important? What is everyone striving for, all this neurotic madness striving for the next accolade. But maybe I’m just jealous of them because I can’t seem to do that anymore. I don’t know if it’s cos I feel like a failure or just that I can’t stand the pace. Probably both.

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