The impact of someone like UG is hard to track because it strikes the experiencing structure, the moderator inside, the censor, the one who imagines he is in charge. The erosion probably takes place at some other level in the physical body apart from this nagging meddling idiot. A good friend of mine literally vomited and had a fever the first day he met UG. I would often get fevers around him. None of that matters, what is probably the best thing is that the little intruder, squatter, or filthy bastard gets the wind knocked out of him or her long enough to slow it down a bit. If this is repeated often enough maybe it stops fighting so hard to maintain control. When there is a crisis people often experience a sort of slow motion perception that enables them to act with unusual clarity. Then the crisis passes and you go right back to racing around like the rat on the wheel. Around UG there was a ban on social niceties by virtue of his commanding presence. In that vacuum disposition something else could take over. Why do I need to know what that is? Why do I need to explain that? What did he mean when he repeatedly told me “Your job in life is to shut up.” That means I am neither right nor wrong… none of this judgment one way or the other. What then? Don’t ask me!

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7 Responses to Dailies

  1. Andres says:

    Hi Louis!

    After U.G. told you that “your job in life is to shut up”, how did you feel about proceeding with your writing? I´m asking ´cause I also has a natural pull towards writing… But sometimes I feel it is in conflict with “not using thought too much”…

    What is your hold on this?

    • louisbrawley says:

      If you can’t help it, if it has to come out, it will come out. He encouraged me to write at the same time he told me to shut up. Clearly there is nothing to conclude from all this. He had an amazing ability to bring things out of people, talents they didn’t know they had, after all talents are latent abilities to make money and survive, so if you have some talent pressing to express your point of view, get on it.

  2. louisbrawley says:

    Dear Andres
    U.G. told me my job was to shut up, he also encouraged me to write. He was very enthusiastic about it so the shutting up was in another area. If you have the drive to do something, by all means do it! The idea that you would be using thought too much is absurd. UG was always railing against the denial of thought. It’s a perfectly natural tool, its just that we use it in areas its not needed. Put the stuff to use!


  3. Andres says:

    Thank you very much for answering, Louis!


  4. Yones says:

    “U.G. told me my job was to shut up” – there’s nothing to do, no ‘job’, no this or that – you seem ‘eternally’ trapped in a sense of life and living that is completely self-serving (along with a whole lot of others (friends?!) who are entranced by the delusion that they have been ‘affected by something’) – Just sayin’ . . .
    Friends can be the greatest enemies…

    • louisbrawley says:

      Your comment about friends is accurate, (depending on the friends of course). As for the other comment, “seems” is the operative word isn’t it? You could be right, you could be wrong. I guess I should be on the alert in any case…

      Thanks for your comment!

  5. Venu gopal says:

    Good one…

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