Faling Apart

When you are lost in the jungle what do you do?
You just sit down and stop.
Or you run and run in big and then smaller and smaller circles until you are exhausted and fall down, pass out, then get up and do it again and again, gradually starving and exhausting yourself until you die.

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14 Responses to Faling Apart

  1. Suresh says:

    Hi Loius,

    Suresh here ! How are you?

    Getting ‘lost’ might be the closest to getting in touch with whatever is !

    I recollect UG’s advice to Kamal while driving UG on one of his ‘constitutionals’ in London.
    Not very familiar, Kamal kept driving cluelessly on streets of London and at some point UG asked to be dropped. As UG got out and closed the door, Kamal shed all his inhibitions and cried out to UG for help, ” UG I am lost, do not know my way around.”

    UG came round and looked into Kamal’s eyes, ” You are lost! What worse can happen Kamal? Just keep going ! Good luck” and went on his away!

    Kamal drove a little more and to his surprise discovered his uncle’s home and was relieved!



    +965 94952167

    • louisbrawley says:

      Hello Suresh. It’s a funny story, and so like the many examples of what he was like. I just watched a documentary about several gurus including JK, Anandamai, Sai Baba (exposed as a fake), and some others. Of all of them, (and the footage is very old), UG is the most casual, comfortable, unassuming. It’s quite remarkable to me that with all the pomp and what not around some of the spiritual teachers, people seem to expect it. When it is not there, the person is ignored. UG seemed to deliberately foster this however, refusing to compromise in any area. Of course I know Anandamai was genuine, but she was another unique and genuine expression of life that didn’t compare or need to compare with any other.

      now I’m going on and on… thank you Suresh.

  2. Mike Marinos says:

    Reminds me of the great line from Buckaroo Banzai “Where ever you are – there you are” Sitting or racing around, there you are. Everything I have come across about UG hints that he wasn’t racing around – or sitting – but being in another way although – would that be right?

    • louisbrawley says:

      Mike I think he was just stopped by circumstances and after that who knows what was going on. This is the fun of all our speculations… He was honest enough to say he didn’t know how it happened.

  3. Juice says:

    UG was a failure, like JK. His thinking has infected all his fans & admirers & they’ve interpreted his barking in their own particular way. They digest life in this way & puke it out … such as this post here. The guy was supercool & went back to a primal (natural) state which relieves certain psychological problems for humans that animals don’t experience, but that is it. He was like a favorite & loveable domestic pet. He had the naturalness of your dog, is all. Do you go around trying to think like your dog, thinking your dog has all the answers to all your questions, to all life’s questions, all the questions of life, of death, of the universe, etc, if only he could talk?

    I loved UG but you guys got to move past framing life in your interpretations of his barking.

    [rant off}

    btw, love the book đŸ™‚

    • louisbrawley says:

      Juice, thanks for the comments, I’m sure UG would whole heartedly agree at the same time I hate to say but we’re all going around thinking like something or the other we got from elsewhere, so why not UG? Hah! He used to say he was a ‘complete and total failure’, because his words had failed to bite people. At the end he said that’s why his 32 teeth were coming back, so that he could bite us in the flesh… alas, there was not time to grow them all back so I’m stuck with the memory of something unforgettable…

      sorry mate… better luck next time…


      • Bruce says:

        Louis, were his teeth actually growing back or did he just say that for effect?

      • louisbrawley says:

        As with many things UG did, this comment was entirely for effect. He also claimed that his hair was going back to black… it was completely ridiculous to claim either or both of these things and if someone argued about it he’d tear into them, accusing them of “Being a German, saying ‘I am right’ ‘I am right!'” If you look at it, you will have to acknowledge that information is used to assert, claim, force MY way on situations. This is what he called “the fascism of thought”.(it is very important to note that he was not saying “Don’t think”. what he was pointing out is that we use thinking to force situations into what we want. Rather than argue philisophical points with people, UG attacked the presumptions of thought at the source in order to destabilize the mechanism that was causing the problem. If you didn’t like it, you’d best leave the room, which he very effectively kept to a small group by doing this. If you stayed, you had to consider why a man would bother making those claims, in other words, you were forced to ‘do your homework’. No one would put up with that unless they trusted him, and he could cut you out in one second if you didn’t trust. He would hold the door for you if you wanted to leave on those grounds. UG was not going to hand anything over on a silver platter. For that you can go elsewhere and get reinforcement for your unworkable methods, or practices or you can recognize the good fortune of finding someone who will not dress up the dire situation you face and confront the corner he was forcing us into. That is not an easy thing and thinking is the chief arsenal in our weaponry to continue as we know ourselves and experience the world. Letting go of that is out of our hands, he was just giving little shoves, like a parent teaching the child to walk.

  4. peter kern says:

    Louis, are you still in Switzerland? If so, could we meet?

    • louisbrawley says:

      Hi Peter, I’m sorry that I’m not in Switzerland. I was there for three weeks in June including a week up in Gstaad but that’s it. There are other UG friends up there at the moment in case you are curious to meet like minded people. Julie, Guha, Golda and some others are always happy to meet people interested in UG. If you have the inclination let me know and I’ll put you in touch. All the best, – Louis


      • peter kern says:

        Thanks Louis, pity, well, may be another time, do you have any phone number or email from the people you mentioned? Just in case………thanks again and be well
        my email is : kernpeter9@gmail.com

  5. Barry Evans says:

    Amazing thing this life business; somehow feels a bit crass writing in here, like i’m tacitly courting attention; your book was my introduction to UG, now he’s immense, I’ve never heard of anything remotely like him……..I don’t know what all the other Non Dualists are on about, but it’s not what UG’s saying; he never leaves room for hope;


  6. Samuel says:

    Very interesting, Louis. And very interesting your answer to Bruce too. So, when UG told about an apparition of JK he witnessed once and said it was a real apparition and not a mere vision, and that Master Kuthumi used to appear to him, and so on, was he just saying all that for effect? He used to maintain that we’re just machines, but at the same time he was usually telling people around him about apparitions etc. Was it to attack that resistant structure of thinking or is there something to the so-called spiritual realm? Why did he say that JK really appeared to him? It’s in the book “Stopped in Our Tracks”, as it’s short I’ll paste it here:

    { Get lost—Vision of J.K.

    It was November 4, 1979, the full moon day of Kartika. When he saw me early in the morning, U.G. said to me, “You know what happened today? Earlier this morning J.K. appeared.” I was shocked. How could J.K. appear? Was that in a dream or was it real? U.G. smiled. “This was not a vision; nor was it a dream. I never have dreams. J.K. appeared in person,” he said. What did he say after he appeared? “He looked at me and said, ‘Old chap! Your teaching is too radical and too revolutionary. Water it down.’ I told him, ‘Get lost!’ and he disappeared,” said U.G. }

    There’s also a passage in which he says that those 3 sages appeared to him begging for help as they were his ancestors and was being drowned in a sort of swamp, and he said them to drown and never rise again.

    So, these things that I don’t understand in UG… he insisted that we’re machines, but at the same time used to tell about those apparitions and so on. What are your views on it? And why didn’t K. Chandrasekhar insist on asking him how could JK have appeared if he says that we’re just machines? If he had told about that apparition to me I would surely question him until get very well clarified. That’s what I’d like to understand, perhaps people like you who have been with him and was interested in it in a more technical than mystical way could help me with this issue.

    All the best,


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