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Nothing like looking into the archives to unleash the gift of uncertainty. As I was skimming what books and photographs I have to stimulate some pages of the next book on UG with Photographs and some writing, I remembered how UG would open up this pandora’s box of documents occasionaly and read out some letter to or from him, dropping a bomb on his running commentary with information from the past concerning a crucial event or moment in his life. In one letter UG wrote in the 50’s to an Uncle when he was living in Chicago he wrote that he found it as easy to pursue the goal of Brahman in America as anywhere.
Looking into Mahesh’s biography there is a letter to the head of the Ramakrishna Mission in London dated 1963, (long after I thought he’d been there). Three paragraphs into the letter, after remarking on the swami’s recovery from eye surgery, UG goes on to say, …”My continued stay here at the Center and the necessary atmosphere for alert and strenuous discernment in meditation have helped me tremendously. The hidden agony of my life which no human being could understand has dissolved itself into thin air, as it were, and this has awakened me to what may loosely be called a kind of spiritual sleepwalking.” he goes on to describe having pulled himself from ‘the edge of an abyss’ to find himself in a ‘peculiar state of mind’. The letter continues,
“Through the inscrutable Divine power of Sri Ramakrishna, I have been blessed beyond words with the clarity of perception. And this calmness is a calmness without a trace of langour or contentment or watchful expectancy but one of completeness ad wholeness.” He ends the letter on this note. “Need I say that when I burst forth into the world – the joy which overflows the heart is indeed bursting forth – I will be a new man?”
The calamity is still four years off. It’s amazing that he doggedly pursued that one thing without stopping until the job was done.

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  1. Janet says:

    …and so confounding … his unfailing insistence that it was not the dogged pursuit that accomplished the job.

  2. I owe UG a lot. The courage that I received from him is really immense. Now its been more than 6 years now, since I was introduced to UG.

    He is really great…His words taught me to Stand Alone…like the caption of book ‘Courage to stand alone’

  3. Bruce says:

    Related to pursuing doggedly one thing, in ones own way and eventually coming into ones own -from a work entitled “Goblet of Truth”.

    “Therefore, you shall consider that, if you fathom out yourselves, you do not direct yourselves according to others, not according to an external authority, i.e. not according to an external ideology, but only according to yourselves and according to what you truthfully are and in all honesty want to be and also strive to be; however, if you do not follow this guidance then you will remain during the time of your life as human beings who live from the authority of others and are subserviently dependent on them in debasing submissiveness.

    If you wish to change yourselves, human beings of Earth, and if in doing so you demand that you shall be told how you shall do this, then it may very well appear upright that you really want to do it, but that does not correspond to the truth, because truthly you are being unhonest and do not want it, since you are calling for an external authority which is supposed to help you to achieve a new inner regulation of your inner nature, therefore you are hoping to attain a new individuality through it and through its method, i.e. its system, but this is truly not possible because only you yourselves can change yourselves fundamentally through your own motivation, initiative and power, therefore you must also go your own way.

    An external authority is never able to change your inner nature, your individuality and create a new inner regulation in yourselves, but truly only yourselves; if, however, an external attempt is made nevertheless to impose a new regulation of your inner nature, i.e. your individuality, then an enormous chaos will inevitably arise in you, through which you are cast into dependency and confusion.

    This fact, you human beings of Earth, is something to which you must respond with intellect and rationality, and recognise it as effective truth, so that you may understand that for you consciousness and for your inner nature no other authority than your own comes into consideration.

    If you read and follow a book or other scripts, if you listen to a teacher, to your friends, parents, brothers and sisters, acquaintances, to the other partner in your partnership – whether man or woman – or to an authority or to the society, etc. then this is already an outward and external authority by which you will be captured and made dependent if you do not autonomously think through in yourselves what you have read and heard and if you cannot in yourselves develop it into a valueful factor of the truth that is independent from the outside; but if you do not do this then you will continue to live only according to a pattern and a pre-given formula, as you have done since time immemorial, through enslaving yourselves to an external authority and ideology.”

    • Janet says:

      Thanks Bruce,
      This is a topic that is important to me considering my own personal search has been more like the one described in this “prescription”. What is confounding me these days is that it seems it can take on all the same aspects of dogged pursuit.

  4. Andres says:


    Did you read this Goblet of Truth? Is it Billy Meiers?

  5. Andres says:

    Sorry… Thought it was Louis who posted about Goblet of Truth, but now I saw that wasn´t the case.

  6. Bruce says:

    Yah, Billy Meier. Funny, most have never heard of the guy. He & UG probably were not very far, distance-wise, from each other in Switzerland all those years. And there is overlap though they come from opposite ends of the universe. As Billy has said, regarding the truth and the paths leading to it – “… the truth is but one, although many paths lead to it, namely the same number as there are of people of your kind (human beings).”

    And regarding the below continuation of the previous copied text, UG has said the exact same thing in his own manner, i.e. “throw away your crutches, if you fall, you’ll get up again”, or something like that…

    And UG’s process of coming into his own, as referred to in Louis’s post here, is well described in this continuation below…
    “But if you really want to change yourselves in your consciousness and in your inner nature, and therefore also acquire a new and sound individuality for yourselves thereby, then you must ask yourselves how you can change to the good and better and how you can create in yourselves a new authority that is your own, by means of which you then put an end for all time to any external as well as your own, old authority, so that you are then only ourselves.

    In order to achieve this, however, you must change yourselves down to the roots of your inner nature and existence, as well as in your consciousness which you must direct in its function into the right lines of right thoughts, out of which right and good feelings arise accordingly, through which you not only form your own psyche but also influence your inner nature towards a new individuality in a good wise(way).

    And if you act in this wise, then you will no longer be dependent on any external tradition trough which an enormous dependency, indolence and subservience is imposed upon you, which has ruled you since time immemorial.

    Therefore, always consider that you can never expect any help whatsoever from outside with regard to your inner developmental change, but that you can in every wise only help yourselves; what can be given to you from the outside through external authorities is no more and no less than a direction or teaching of what you actually have to do, that you simply must change yourselves to the better; however, the way, the method or the system is something that you must find in yourselves, because this is a purely individual and therefore personal concern, since truly each human being is an individuum of their own which has their own individual ways, methods and systems in order to deal with both themselves and with the world around.

    Therefore there is no god, no tin god, no teacher, no dogma, no method and no system, no coercion, no cleric, no false or true prophet and also no other human being or other external influence through which you could be shown an individual way to an inner developmental change in your inner nature and consciousness, because this individuality is only given in yourselves.”

    If you only want, you can reject any external authority and only accept your own and therefore truly only be yourselves, through which it arises that you no longer let yourselves be enmeshed in ideologies, philosophies and religions and also that you no longer go in fear of gods, tin gods or demons nor any of your fellow human beings, because if you finally recognise your own value, then you will not let yourselves be led any longer either through subservience, i.e. through submissiveness or treated as a second-class human being and even bullied, but rather you place yourselves in your value on the same level with your fell human beings, without however raising yourselves up over them.

    And when you are finally yourselves, then it will happen that you repudiate everything false that you as human beings have dragged around with yourselves for many generations, and truly when this happens then an ever greater energy will grow in you, out of which more and more power will unfold through which you will come to ever more, greater and more extensive life-capability as well as to greater vital courage which has inherent in itself very much more intensity, drive and vitality than can be entirely live out, therefore large reserves are always available which can no longer run out.

    And once you have achieved this and brought it to ample effect in yourselves, then you have liberated yourselves from the heaviest burden of your life and have cast off from yourselves everything connected with external authorities as well as the heavy weight of your own old and unworthy authority which is now replaced through a new, powerful and energy-rich one.

    Truly, the very realisation of a great developmental change to the good and better is already in you if you become conscious that you have cast off everything that is old, valueless and unsuitable, and through that have won very much more energy and power, by means of which there is no longer any fear in you whatsoever of committing errors, which you inevitably must commit, since it is only out of these that you can learn.

    The very fact alone that you no longer have any fear of acting rightly or wrongly creates a lot of energy and power in you, and this alone already represents a developmental change in you.”

    • Bruce says:

      the end of the first copied text should read ‘yourselves, not ourselves’ .. my bad … and there may be other typing errors since I typed this because I could not copy/paste.

  7. Ronit says:

    Hi, thanks for the blog. Was wondering if you could perhaps know if there was any further explanation by UG on this sentence “through the inscrutable Divine power of Sri Ramakrishna i have been blessed beyond……… ” .

    • louisbrawley says:

      UG used to read the letter, or have people read one the letter, where this comment was written by him. It was written some time in the late 1950’s or early 60’s. It was during the period where he was wandering around in London and spent some time in the Ramakrishna Mission there. He had a significant mystical experience there. This is all in Mahesh Bhatt’s biography of UG which you can read on line. The passage is from that chapter “Adrift in London”.His reasons for including that in his discussions are anybody’s guess. He did a lot of ‘homework’ before 1967, and this is probably some kind of hint about that. People easily misinterpret UG’s comments and rather than join this garbling, I would leave it up to you! All the best with that.. Louis

  8. Ronit says:

    Thank you for you reply.I have( like most people who generally “come here” ) read Mahesh Bhatts biography on UG . And i am aware about the passage and the chapter that you mentioned. My query is not it the direction of misinterpreting or interpreting UG’s comments . Was trying to understand what might be your understanding on that particular sentence. You being one of the UG experts i gather, having spend some time with him,written a book/blog about him/ or lets say your experiences with him , i thought it might be interesting to knock here for some secondhand clarity(ie by the time it comes to me).

    Thanks for your wishes.. hope it works.

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