Back in India, at the water hole.

In his struggle to understand what the old man is saying, he discovers that the gift he has been seeking was in his own hands the whole time. Does this sound like a total cliché or what? When it finally percolated past his resistances and hit him, it struck him as hilariously, almost frighteningly simple. The life of human beings, when shorn of the ideas of society, is the ultimate expression of the whole of the universe, something not salable, in fact nigh invisible to the mind that inhabits it. The universe was seeing and celebrating itself through this tiny creature born out of the dust and random chemistry of the indifferent heavens. The trick to be understood was that the mind that gives expression is not real in and of itself, as it inevitably imagines itself to be. The real challenge, as he learned over time and only after considerable struggle, was how to sustain that body in the dangerous world of social values totally unrelated to the body. This is where the metaphor of the dangers coupled with the absolute necessity of the water hole illustrated so perfectly the dynamic of human society. Yet the old man had shown him through his own way of living that when one is not in conflict with this society, which in any case he needs to survive, he gives life to a more powerful voice. Even so, that voice doesn’t exist for the body aside from some grunts and vibrations that result in food to sustain it.

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10 Responses to Back in India, at the water hole.

  1. Suresh M S says:

    Well said!   You are turning out to be a wordsmith, in the right sense !   Regards,   Suresh

    • louisbrawley says:

      Thank you Suresh, I am in the hands of a master as Mahesh helps me tweet and twitter the news about the upcoming release of Goner under a new title with Penguin India, No More Questions.

      • Georgiy Potulov says:

        I love this U.G. quote “If you listen to me year after year, you are only clarifying your thoughts. It’s useless.”

  2. Bruce says:

    Louis, you are speaking in the third person here but referring to the first person? If so, why not take ownership of these statements instead of distancing your self through literary convention of using the third person to voice these realizations?

    If “the mind that gives expression is not real in and of itself, ..”, and “when one is not in conflict with this society, which in any case he needs to survive, “,

    – how can something not real (the mind) in and of itself create something real (society), which in any case he needs to survive? Or are you therefore saying that society is not real either?

    • louisbrawley says:

      It was a little ‘note to myself’ as a fictional voice that I posted in a moment of weakness. Sort of an experiment with ideas. What crap eh? After posting it it struck me as a pretentious ‘voice’ esp to put it in the third person, but alas, the interenet is eternal. Once you speak it, it is yours forever no matter what voice you put it in!!

  3. Branko says:

    You Pretentious Mofo’s! 🙂 This is a solid bit of writing. I think louis is letting the Advaita Police get to him. Moment of weakness my ass. Louis is a great observer/writer and that’s what we pay him for. I couldn’t care less about his realisations and insights, i dig how he puts words together thats all. Why fall for being spiritually correct. He is a writer dagnabbit and not Ken Wilber.
    The only important “realisation” is to know when to shut up… but keep em coming Big Louie

  4. Mike Marinos says:

    There’s form and content, the intent of the writer and the dance with the reader. If it was said differently I’d respond differently but I liked it and it is a great terse summary of the essential UG paradox – body and the socially constructed mind.

  5. A shudder at even the idea of ken Wilber and thank god he will only ever be an idea for me, though I guess he too must be a living breathing animal… And I really liked this piece! I just wrote a poem that came out in the third person…happens.

  6. Pete says:

    I like Louis’ blog and the folks that comment. . .you guys aren’t setting yourselves up as
    students who are “enlightened”, now that the master is gone. U.G. was a destroyer.

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