Ciao Caro

First there was Giovanni the dignified Italian gentleman, who had hosted UG along with Lucia for several years. He felt a little strange suddenly while swimming in the year or two after UG died, within a year he was gone. I was able to see him twice before he left. Then Gary had a stroke and died a few days later out in Palm Springs. UG used to tease Lisa about Gary being a “fatsie, not a fat cat!” At first he bristled, but soon he fell under the spell of UG. I’ll never forget a return trip in the back seat of Gary’s car bouncing along the desert at 100mph at sunset. We shared the same short temper but he had a huge heart and was a really good friend. Then Veresha fell ill with cancer. A year later she recovered, then another year went by, it came back, and she was quickly gone. Now Mario is also gone. The tender-hearted Italian was a compact energy conductor, a crazy fast driver, completely mad for UG, head over heels. UG used to scream at him, blasting him as Mario lounged in bliss with a smile on his face. “Mario, how does it feel when he’s yelling at you like that?” I had to ask once. “I feel so much-a a love Louiees, I canno – tell you.” Indeed, in his ‘clipped british accent’ he kept us all in stitches with laughter around UG. Once he bought UG a cane as a joke and UG immediately asked him to come forward so he could thank him, then he whacked him on the head with it. (I have had a little experience with that sort of thing so I knew how lucky he was.) I remember more than one conversation with Mario about what was going on in his life, my life, our lives, around UG, in relationships and just in general. We were having a pizza at Arc en Ciel and he looked up at me… “Louiees, I don- have a clue man! I have’a no idee what es goen on et all!” and we laughed. He was like that to the end. Laughing, having a smoke, a coffee totally ready to go. That’s impressive. One day after he was unable to have a cigarette and a coffee due to his condition he packed up. That’s what I liked about Mario, no complications… (well, as long as you weren’t trying to follow him in a rental car or ordering a meal…) He was a clear soul. We were all lucky to hang out with him. Love to you Mario. Where the hell did you go?

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4 Responses to Ciao Caro

  1. thanks louis, a beautiful epitaph. easy to forget it will happen to us, and everyone we know, and then one day the whole planet will be gone!! very strange business indeed!

  2. Shobha says:

    Sad to hear about Mario.

  3. Bruce says:

    thx 4 sharing LB! sorry about your amigos 😦 but bitter-sweet stories

  4. sidd says:

    on we dance,aware of it or not. Mario was a total goner—totally given to the moment and to love–such a sweetheart.

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