Secure the boundaries! UG is coming!

When I first started watching UG’s videos, in the months just before I met him, there was some confusion as to what and why he was talking at all. It seemed to me at the time that he was playing some game of distraction, rather like a magician with a trick. I kept on waiting for the reveal, the truth behind the nonsense, the ‘real teaching’ to come forth in clear unmistakable words. This continued when I met him. For all those hours of sitting and listening to UG rant I would be harassed by an inner demand for something concrete that was relevant to the world I was living in. Mind you, that inner voice was often so radiated it could no longer remain conscious and I simply slipped into one of those UG attack comas, literally sleeping on the floor.
My attraction to him was so immediate and inescapable, yet I could not pinpoint why. Why do I find this man so alluring, confusing, exciting, boring, depressing, and yet all these feelings themselves, all these definitions, ring false? What was left was an animal attraction to the creature in front of me who moved like some diaphanous sylph. A creature from this dimension who floated through it untouched and untouchable, yet as accessible as the air I was breathing. Total confusion reigned inside me, combined with a fresh sense of exhilaration and freedom with absolutely no real reason for being there, yet as concrete as the sidewalk I was pacing during that freezing New York winter I met him.
It took a long time for the words he was hurling at me to penetrate the armor, the stone wall of knowledge and understanding that had been under construction within the castle of king “ME” was cracking. There were explosiongs in the kingdom of bullshit ‘culture’, ‘spirituality’, or what ever trash was circulating on a given day, and through the cracks came a bustling energy, a bright light of unknown warmth. My kingdom was under attack, yet my sense of peace and contentment was unparalleled while I was sitting in a room with him. Meanwhile, the little man in the head office called “Louis” was scrambling to regain control of the mechanism that had hosted him as a squatter for decades, putting up with the messes he made, suffering his ideas and the stresses imposed on it by this little rascal, who imagined he was ‘on to something’.
Now it is years later and when I read, watch, listen to UG, it is a constant sharp, clear reminder of what I really am. My interest in him is as a source of oxygen in a world of mental carbon dioxide that is poisoning my existence. As I move away from the obvious truths, it becomes unbearable for this body, and as I move closer to what he was saying, that little king in his thrown has a tantrum and demands the wall be drawn up and the moat secured. This is followed by the sensation of claustrophobia.
UG points to life at every turn. It’s that simple. Live free or wallow in the dead fears that secure your castle. The castle doesn’t have a chance.

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13 Responses to Secure the boundaries! UG is coming!

  1. Branko says:

    I remember Seeing you in the background of a YouTube clip. You were Clutching your head with your hands and it looked like you were squeezing, trying to keep your whole world in place… It was funny and not so funny at the same time. I can only imagine what was happening.

    After so many years i still try to “get” some kind of directive instead of just being hit by the current. What is there to work out? I totally am this state… Pure OCD man!
    The Coma sounds interesting… Where do you go? Sounds like baggage gets lost in that place.

    • louisbrawley says:

      That’s the strangest part of it all, I still have no idea. While I was sitting there it all seemed so ordinary, if slightly off register. Later there would be groundswells of some kind of … well I’m trying not to use the word “Energy” because it’s so trivializing. Maybe it was just life, something we feel rarely in it’s pure state, the exposure to which resulted in a temporary flushing out of the stranglehold of thinking. While he was sitting there talking, his presence blocked it and the body got to take a rare break from the tedium of thinking in the field of this harmonic magnet. The nefarious activities of culture etc.. were shut down and went to lala land while he was spraying the mental cockpit with a deliciously deadly trance… DDT.

  2. Branko says:

    Yeah.. it sounds so biological and natural, thats maybe why it seems ordinary. Apparently the nervous system is constantly trying to swipe itself clean. We don’t give it a chance.
    the squatter is being thrown overboard and his suitcase too πŸ™‚

    Thanks Louis, i dig your paragraph up there and the post too.

    • ansjanet says:

      There’s the central nervous system and the peripheral (autonomic) nervous system. I like to talk about the autonomic system because it controls the functions we don’t think about and that reminds me of UG.
      The autonomic nervous system responds to challenges then attempts to rebalance at rest. The “challenge” is keeping blood going to the brain. I often think of the natural state as a body that has the autonomic system in charge with Less interference from a meddling brain. But I don’t think his actual autonomic nervous system function had anything to do with his state.
      Up there in the central nervous system is a powerful chemistry set I know much less about.
      I have seen very very few nearly perfectly “balanced” autonomic nervous systems (I studied the data). The one I can think of was not anything like enlightened. …Probably we are talking some big changes that UG underwent. Much of it Had to be in the brain. Because the actual natural function of the body is what it is. It can do a good, fair or bad job. But there’s really nothing like getting wiped clean. At the end, UG’s nervous system was dying so he did too. Well I guess that’s about as wiped clean as you can get.

      • Tys says:

        in my experience the nervous system changes to take in much more energy, a constant flow, when before it was limited to the conditioning that arranged the body structure in a certain way, including the brain. the conditioned energy literally is squished/sucked out of the muscles and even the bones probably. the nervous system must pick up on all of this because the sensations of the body, how big it is, it’s environment etc, are all felt through the nervous system. thought interprets it and says some things, you know. anyway. πŸ™‚

  3. sharbra says:

    Sounds like you eats your SPINACH… ;-%

  4. Emma says:

    It’s so fucking brilliant the way you write. I was just perusing your art on your website and I couldn’t stay with it. I got bored. And then I switched to this blog. So brilliant. Why aren’t you out there writing blogging for the Huffington Post or something?!! All the best Louis. I look forward to your next post…

    • louisbrawley says:

      I dream of the day when I toss the art. It becomes increasingly apparent, not so say obvious, why UG pushed me to write and reminded me daily that I was the worst painter he’d ever seen. I feel like finally there is something I can do well along with something to talk about. These are things I have never really been able to communicate with art… besides which the business of art makes me vomit. Thanks Emma.

  5. Moya says:

    Beautifully written Louis.

  6. ugmadhu says:

    Secure the boundaries! UG is coming!

    The title was too good.

    Hilarious !!!!!!!!!

  7. shobha says:

    Loved the title and your post too. Coming back here after a long while as i was busy securing my so called future by earning money……. Would love to meet you if you are in india .

  8. Santhosh s says:

    Hi Louis,

    I have seen you at chandresekar’s residence in bangalore.. I like the way you write.

    Stay Happy. πŸ™‚

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