Noise Noise Noise

So why do I keep going back to India when I complain about it all the time? Maybe because it’s the country that produced Ramakrishna, Vivekenanda, Sai Baba, Anandamai Ma, Ramana Maharshi, Nityananda of Ganeshpuri, Nisargadatta in Mumbai, Chandrasekhar Bharthi in Shringheri, U.G. Krishnamurti, and countless other human flowers that were able to blossom. Is there is something about the place or is it the culture or is it the sheer volume of human beings that allows this happen so often in one place and not another. We have examples of such people in the west, but they’re more obscure and many were put to death or disappeared under questionable circumstances. I cannot think of one name of a westerner who would fit the description of ‘those people’ in this lifetime. The claimants from america or europe that I’ve heard of are laughable. It’s not clear what I feel or why I feel it, when I am in India, whether it’s just the smell, the way I feel in a place so completely different from where I was brought up, or something else, something latent that is a product of the culture of the vedas. There is a kind of lawlessness in it to me, but that’s not at all what an Indian would feel. In fact there are more rules in life for the average Indian, no matter what caste, than all the varieties of western cultures put together, so that’s my sensibility talking. For now this will have to remain a mystery. Since I also don’t get the feeling that the average Indian would have a clue as to why that particular land has produced so many human flowers either. What is disturbing in India, the apparently total disregard for the physical world, could also be attributed to a philosophy that disregards the primary reality of the body, or the physical surroundings as an illusion. In the west the human body is celebrated with an intensity shown to deities in the temples of India, so physical appearances are given priority over spirituality and this includes the surrounding environment. What’s also true is that we are polluting the world at an equal or worse rate in the west but we have become more clever at hiding it from ourselves by dumping our waste in poorer countries like Haiti for instance. In India, the pollution is in your face, there is no denying it, there is no attempt to dress up the situation. Anyway. I don’t know what I’m getting at here. Just raising a question after ranting in the last post about the Ramakrishna Mission. There are so many amazing things about India, my complaints are just a lot of useless noise.

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7 Responses to Noise Noise Noise

  1. my 2 cents…i think India has a culture and language that allows and understands these people you are talking about, that the west hasn’t got, they will have them in the far east, but its language ect makes them less accessible to westerners,

  2. Branko says:

    This was a problem for me at one stage, along the lines of “what or who do i follow as a westerner” I had the opportunity to ask a wise bastard about this conflict. His response “Forget about East and West for now… It was enough to shut me up for a moment.
    In the west we have Gandalf. 🙂

  3. louisbrawley says:

    ahhh the G-man! How could I forget???

  4. Bruce says:

    “I cannot think of one name of a westerner who would fit the description of ‘those people’ in this lifetime. The claimants from america or europe that I’ve heard of are laughable. ”

    As much as I like & respect those names you’ve mentioned, imnsho, you can take the sum total of the knowledge & wisdom of all of them & they’d come up far short of Billy Meier of Switzerland. … and that is not to take one iota away from any of them

    just throwing it out there because very very few even have heard of the guy & most get tripped up by the unbelievability of his story to even be open to the likes of him … if one gets past that stumbling block which is actually part of the greatest coverup known to earthly humanity, perpetrated on us from the heads of religion, government, secret services, military, etc … then the whole universe & the whole life, and then some, opens up

  5. peter kern says:

    Wow Louis, you still have a lot of sentiments and illusions about the ‘great people’ and India, amazed that U.G. couldn’t rid you of that. But then of course, you have a point too…….take care…

  6. louisbrawley says:

    It’s strange but UG was the one who pointed out these people to me. Most of them I’d never heard of. He was all about smashing my ideas for or against things. People get funny ideas about UG I think. It’s hard to know what the limits were and what he was up to. Whenever I came to a conclusion he smashed that too. You’ve heard all this before though.

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