Here and there.

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2 Responses to Here and there.

  1. Raghav says:

    “You” keep going like this so that “I” can keep going

    • Raghav says:

      Hi Louis,

      Thinking loud, thats what I can do in my dualistic state, (sorry to use a spiritual word ,no other choice except using these words to communicate and see where I am going), I am actually feeling inherently humans feel the inadequacy of coming out of duality and therefore decided to remain smartly selfish, embarked in a journey of learning to manage duality successfully . That is being expressed through modern education , politics, business and entertainment. All of them seems to be self-aggrandizing activities intended to be less harmful to other humans atleast at the same time satisfy our need (and greed sometimes). That’s the only thing we can do since Non-duality seems to be acausal. (at least through the words of experts). I am seeing the helplessness in this situation and trying to accept this though not totally willingly and somehow feel that one day I will overcome my basis survival problems.

      Your thoughts please.

      Raghavasimhan S.R.

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