Money Maxims

Hi all,

In response to an earlier question about the Money Maxims, here they are.


1. Money matters most in life.

2. Do not be not shy about making money.

3. Money is the one and the only thing that helps in creating better futures for you.

4. Nothing is free in this world, not even love.

5. One who worships the money god will be amply rewarded. One who worships the other god will be stripped naked, and left in the streets.

6. Make money by hook or by crook.

7. Make money by any means.

8. Money talks, wealth whispers.

9. Miss not a chance to make money.

10. Quench not the thirst for money.

11. Money is the only thing that works.

12. Yes for money and no for everything else.

13. Money is the only visible support for life.

14. Money tops the list of all needs.

15. Money is the only thing that will put you into the life of luxury.

16. Money is the word of the day.

17. One who does not exploit his assets to make money must be a damn fool.

18. Money should be the highest on your agenda.

19. One who does not stash and cash money must needs be a dunderhead.

20. Money is the root on which every flower blooms.

21. Sweat not and swear not to make money.

22. Not darling dearies but money is what counts most.

23. Love money more than thyself.

24. Unless converted into money, name and fame are not worth a tinker’s damn.

25. Making money is the finest of arts to be practiced.

26. Heck with charity.

27. Better be miserable with loads of money than be without it.

28. Worship not anything but money.

29. Offer not prayers to any god but the money god.

30. Out with love, in with money.

31. Speaketh not anything but money, thinketh not anything but money, willeth not anything but money.

32. Loads of money leadeth you to the land of milk and honey.

33. Part not with money.

34. Lift not a penny for others.

35. The demand for material goodies is the only thing that prayers should answer.

36. Shut your mouth, open your wallet.

37. Blest indeed are the moneyed, cursed indeed are those who maketh not money.

38. Passions and propensities count not, what counts is money.

39. Make others sweat, enjoy the fruits thereof.

40. Maximize the art of money making

41. Charmeth your life with money.

42. Stop liking darling dearies, start loving money-making guys.

43. Money making malevalence is the only thing needed in this world.

44. Better be brave to boost up money than be benevolent.

45. Better be money greedy than money needy.

46. Cash on the barrel breaketh all the barriers in life.

47. Better be a money smith than a wordsmith.

48. Love not anything but money.

49. A fist full of money is the only thing that taketh care of all your needs.

50. Put no limits on money.

51. Without money nothing happens.

52. Put everything on money and let it ride.

53. There is no place for anything but money in life.

54. The lack of money leadeth you nowhere.

55. Better bask in the glow and the glare of money than in the sun.

56. The easy way of making money is the only art to be practiced.

57. Feel not funny when it comes to money.

58. What else is there to do than to make money?

59. Money always wins.

60. It is not moneylessness but moneyfullness that betters life.

61. Sharing money is no means to caring for people.

62. No dough, no go.

63. What brightens life is a pocket full of money.

64. Share not money.

65. What is it that money cannot buy, even god?

66. Thinketh, maketh, willeth and speaketh of not anything but money.

67. Nothing else buys love but money.

68. Marry not maidies but money.

69. Not God, but money is the one that mightily and sweetily ordereth all things.

70. Money is the be all and end all of our existence.

71. Money is the greatest need of all.

72. Money makes money.

73. The most boring man on earth is one who knows not how to make loads of money.

74. Make money the one and the only thing in life.

75. No money no honey.

76. The money making path is the matchless one.

77. It is money that fulfills each and every goal in life.

78. The thicker the wallet, the grander the life.

79. The only key that unlocks every door is money.

80. Money is the only artful life, not the dull dreary drab life of denying money.

81. Let money roll in.

82. Sing not any songs but songs of money.

83. Money making must be the ultimate goal of life.

84. He who thinks not of money needs must be a low-grade moron.

85. Breathe not anything but the breath of money.

86. Punish not robbers, thieves or stealers of money.

87. Twiddle not your thumbs, but thumb wads and wads of money.

88. The more moola you have the merrier your life will be.

89. Moola is the ruler of life.

90. One who parts with money freely and easily must be a damned fool.

91. Maximize the money talk, minimize the love talk.

92. Wallow in wealth.

93. The jingling of money is the most melodious sonata.

94. Be a fatsie money wise and not otherwise.

95. Take the dough and hit the road.

96. Money goodies are better than Goddie goodies.

97. Believe not anyone who talks against money.

98. What matters most is not monism, but moneyism.

99. Denying yourself money is the root of all misery.

100. March your way to millions of mullah.

101. Never miss an opportunity to make money.

102. Money is the only thing that can enhance your life elegantly.

103. Better make loads of money than have a content style of living.

104. Expand your horizon with loads of money.

105. Money is the only thing that will not make life a puzzle.

106. Trust not anyone with money.

107. It is money not divinity that counts.

108. Money matters most in life.



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8 Responses to Money Maxims

  1. Cédric says:

    Loads of “spiritual teachers” and gurus identify with these maxims ! 😉

    • louisbrawley says:

      I think the holy men and spiritual teachers utilize them while preaching the opposite to their followers. People were confused when UG composed them because it seemed as though he was not practicing what he preached. In fact he did use money quite well, but he violated many of the money maxims freely and often, giving away the money given to him, spending money on others, and refusing to stash and cash money early on in his life. In fact he spent up all the money he was left by his grandfather on the cure for his son and ended up quite destitute for a couple of years as a result of that and refusing to work for causes that he didn’t believe in.

      • Cédric says:

        Yes, it’s like his “teachings” were in what he was and what he did, not in what he said.

        It’s a bit like if all UG’s life was saying : “Words are all bullshit, don’t trust any of them. ”

        The words are so misleading. People are blinded by the words. Human beings follow words like sheeps follow the herder. For instance, the one who takes these money maxims serioulsy is a fucking idiot ! 😉

  2. Tim says:

    Buddy of mine always says “All it takes is money”

  3. Dr. Uday Puranik says:

    As per demands try your luck to grab MONEY. In India there were and are many sadhus , they remain quite happily as parasites without earning single paisa ,for whole of their LIFE.

  4. Moya says:

    Always loved UG ‘s attitude to money. Never met him and now never will, but thankfully he didn’t mind the camera following him around and as a result we have some great footage on utube No matter how many books are written or how many people analyse what he was about we can still hear his voice. It’s no substitute for sitting in the room with the guy but it’s still powerful stuff. I reckon there will be loads of books about the guy in the future. He would have hated it but seen it’s enevitability as well. We always make gurus. It’s our default.

  5. Frederic Ngo says:

    I don’t get it. Is money important or not?

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