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Report from Tiru

Why do I come back here every year? UG used to say someone offered to buy him a house here and he said, “Madame, if you buy me that house I will turn it into a brothel.” Probably he was … Continue reading

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Endless Walk

What if you went on vacation and never went back. It doesn’t feel like vacation. It never did. It was never what they described or predicted. I remember looking down from a plane over the desert almost ten years ago, … Continue reading

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The Speakers…

In my boredom I develop all kinds of enthusiasms in the course of a week, a month, a year. New voices emerge and enchant me, the latest of which was the voice of Henry David Thoreau whose Walden I never … Continue reading

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Is it a job?

Is it a job? As a boy the orphaned UG was already in the habit of cooking his meals in the attic of the house where he slept and washing his clothes even though his maternal grandparents were wealthy and … Continue reading

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Money Maxims

Hi all, In response to an earlier question about the Money Maxims, here they are.   1. Money matters most in life. 2. Do not be not shy about making money. 3. Money is the one and the only thing … Continue reading

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Cash (in) and Carry (on)

Someone asked me about people charging money for the natural state.  It was refreshing to have the question put so directly. “Do you think that people who have attained the natural state do not sell their “spiritual” power in order … Continue reading

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Spammed again

Hi all. In an effort to be all-inclusive, I approved a post I could not read in French. Apparently it’s porn spam. Be aware. my apologies to all. I will try to fix this now. Louis

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